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Vortex or Structured Water

A water vortex is the centerpiece of the Fractal Water Vortex Magnetic System, the design of a vortex is a perfect golden ratio symmetry in its function. The unit is scaled using the principle of dividing Planck Length X Planck Time X Golden Ratio, this unique symmetry is found in all life, from the unfolding of a rose to the curves of the human body, Fractal Water uses this amazing principle to spin and structure water.

The principals of spinning water into a vortex for the purpose of structuring water are well known, Fractal Water uses a directional nozzle to create a water vortex in perfect Golden Ratio symmetry. Water flows into the first chamber, than it flows through 5 channels, which are shaped as a golden ratio spline on a cone. All 5 channels meet together on the output and spiral together. Creating a perfect Golden Ratio vortex. The minerals in the water collide to create a piezoelectric effect.

Inside the Vortex







The vortex created feels silky and smooth and is of the highest quality. The water reacts to the touch because of the nature of the vortex energy created. It is this effect that ensures that your water is properly structured and ready to enter our magnetic array, which is another feature of Fractal Water’s Vortex Magnetic Systems.

This silky smooth, structured water passes through our magnetic array of 8 specially designed high flux density magnets, which are properly magnetically shielded to created a powerful mono-polar effect.

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