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Fractal Water Ultra Imploder Vortex Magnetic System



Product Description

Inside the Vortex
  • Save 20% in water consumption. soft and vibrant water more easily penetrates soil, spreads across a wider area of ground, helps soil retain moisture, stimulates soil nutrients and enhances root and plant growth, reducing irrigation requirements by 20%.
  • Save 10-50% in chemical use. lessens the need for fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides by making inputs more soluble. Eliminate wetting agents, reduce chlorines for cleaning and sanitizing by half, and eliminate acid wash for scale and corrosion.
  • Save 10% in energy consumption. Less scale buildup in pipe, better flow due to friction loss, cut down on pumping costs by 12%, save energy and improve your bottom line.
  • Boost productivity from 10-30%. Better yields. Less fertilizers and chemicals needed. Less maintenance. Save time. Impact every part of your operation!
  • Zero by-products. It’s easy to reduce your environmental impact without compromising the quality of your operation. Save money, time, and create a healthier environment.


  • Solve calcium, lime, rust, iron, iron bacteria & hard water
  • Reduces irrigation requirements between 20%-30%
  • Reduces energy requirements by 12.5% to 16.9%
  • Higher germination rates and uniformity
  • Improves plant vigor and crop yield
  • Reduces chemical use by 10-50%
  • Improves turf density and color
  • Improves water flow Improves soil health
  • Eliminate the need for salts or potassium to soften your home’s water with the passive Vortex Magnetic System

Hydroponic Garden Benefits

  • Reduce water consumption by 20%
  • Improves soil penetration and moisture retention for healthy soils
  • Increases plant vigor and disease resistance
  • Better quality home-grown produce
  • Reduces fertilizer and pesticides Increases turf uniformity
  • Balances soil pH

The Ultra Imploder vortex magnetic water treatment device produces a measurable and validated effect on plant growth, seed germination success, and biomass yields. It is unique technology that combines a magnetic array with a directional nozzle made from stainless steel.

Standard 1″ inch also fits metric, suitable for all farming, hydroponic and domestic gardening situations.

NOTE SUGGESTED USE: If you have a reservoir, add the Ultra Imploder in a re circulation setup, Pump Water our of your Reservoir, into the Ultra Imploder, and back into the Reservoir on a continuous or timed loop setup. This way, your water will recycle through multiple times, making it more potent after each pass.

We have the most effective (implosive) way to get reduced molecular cluster size- and thereby increased ‘bio-availability’.

  • Successful and increased seed germination
  • Hydroponic setups
  • Accelerated plant growth for hydroponics, greenhouse and all crops from agricultural operations
  • Reducing water consumption
  • Landscape Gardens
  • Water treatment for the food industry (taste/appearance/nutritional density)
  • Brewery, distillation, winery, and biomass fuel industries
  • Domestic use to purify and re energize town-supplied water.
  • Revitalized water can be achieved quickly and easily.
  • Less amount of water is required for plant growth.
  • Cost effective
  • Uses established infrastructure
  • Measurable and repeatable increase in germination rate
  • Increase in nutritional density
  • Increase in stem width
  • Increase in leaf size
  • Increase in plant height
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly
  • No moving parts, minimal wear and tear
  • No ‘parts’ to be replaced or dispose of
  • Increases bottom line for all users
  • Third world communities will have a cost effective means for improving farming methods, increasing food yields and purifying water.
  • In the NEAR FUTURE, Every farm, dwelling and community will have the Ultra Imploder water treatment device installed.

35-40% Growth Benefit

Growth Results with The Super Imploder

Introducing the new Fractal Water Ultra Imploder 1″, with more powerful magnets, indestructible stainless steel construction. All the benefits of the original Super Imploder, but made of 316 Stainless Steel. Magnetic array housing is made out of heavy gauge steel, coated with Blue Zylan to prevent corrosion. This is the unit you have been waiting for, suitable to install on your main water line and designed to last a lifetime. You’re water never had it so good.

The New Ultra Imploder has a secure mounting bracket, that can pivot to meet all installation requirements.

Due to weight and size, we must charge for International shipping. Domestic Shipping is Free. You will see a quote in your shopping cart when checking out.

Size: 28.5″ L X 10″ H X 7W

PSI: 300+

Weight: 34 LBS

Inlet Diameter: 1″

Outlet Diameter: 1″

In the Home

” Everyone who tasted the water in Ohio tests… wanted one! For years my wife had backache so bad she couldn't sleep at night now she slept all night with very little pain 3 nights in a row.” – Joel from Ohio
Below: A Propur Home System installed along with a Fractal Water Ultra Imploder in Florida.

Seed Germination

To increase seed germination success – farmers can simply spray water with the Ultra Imploder attached onto a hose or attached directly into the plumbing of a greenhouse or farm irrigation. Running the imploded water thru a sprinkler system is easy Field crops, Green House, Wineries, Hydroponics, Flower growers etc… The Ultra  Imploder creates faster growth rate and denser biomass, stronger disease resistant crops, all of which increases the bottom line profits.

Super Imploder Results on Wheat Increase your yield with Fractal Water, Wheat Treated with our process Right, Without Left

Thread Sizes

1″ in (corresponds to metric also)- male one end, male the other

Direction of water flow

Water always ENTERS in nozzle end (the spin from the nozzle motorizes the molecule as it enters the conjugating magnetics)- and exits the magnet end


Normal house pressures ok- nominal is on 20 psi, off 40 psi. However
the stainless steel material design etc can handle any pressure you can feed it.

Flow rate

The magnet array is 1″ inch pipe, the nozzle has no restriction as flows at 1″ inch. Flow rate is calculable based on diameter vs. the pressure you have- see more on this on the physics page


The Ultra Imploder needs minimal maintenance, it would only need to be flushed if you are using agricultural chemicals. But when installed in a domestic water supply, it will never need to be maintained as it is now a part of the home plumbing.

Rated for what liquids

although primarily designed for water – agriculture- and drinking- based on solubility increase- the materials of the Super Imploder CAN handle even mildly corrosive materials ( the liquid touches only super Technyl and tough CPVC).


The Ultra Imploder is made from Stainless Steel The Magnetic array housing is Steel coated with Blue Zylan for rust prevention.


Our magnets are totally self contained, these magnets, though powerful are shielded with heavy gauge steel to maintain flux density within the pipe, and not outside where it can interfere with other equipment.

The Ultra Imploder uses 316 Stainless Steel for strength and heat resistance. The pipe thread are 1″, which is different than hose fittings, please use a pipe to hose fitting adapter for use with a hose.

The magnetic housing (the bluepart) is heavy gauge steel at nearly 36 lbs, a support bracket is included to securely mount to any surface.

Additional Information

Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 28.5 × 10 × 7 in

Salt-free Water Softener for Home & Garden

Soften water without the use of chemicals and salts The Ultra Imploder prevents and reverses mineral scale buildup in plumbing. As a result you can expect an increase in water flow and pressure. You can also reduce your use of detergents and cleaning chemicals by half, extend the life of your water heater and other appliances and increase their effectiveness. The Ultra Imploder allows your to reduce water and energy consumption.

The Fractal Water Ultra Imploder requires zero maintenance. There are no filters to replace, no added chemicals or sales, and no electricity. 100% green and clean with zero by-products, powerfully effective and simple. Expected lifespan: 30+ years.

The Ultra Imploder installs easily in the home. Simply locate your incoming water main. Remove a section, and install the Ultra Imploder in its place.

Home Benefits

  • Softens water without using salts and zero maintenance or electricity required
  • Reduces and reverses scale buildup in pipe and appliances
  • Improve evaporative coolers & swimming pool maintenance
  • Perfect for coffee machines and larger appliances
  • Requires less detergent and chemicals with softer water
  • Healthier water for drinking, cooking and bathing
  • Reduce residue in showers, toilets and sinks
  • More Vibrant house plants and cut flowers
  • Reduces chlorine and pathogens in water
  • Extends the lifespan of appliances
  • Increase water pressure
  • Softer skin and hair!
  • Zero maintenance
  • No slimy feel

Garden Benefits

  • Reduce garden water use by 20%
  • Improves soil penetration and moisture retention for healthy soils
  • Increases plant vigor and disease resistance
  • Better quality more nutrient dense home-grown produce
  • Reduces fertilizer and pesticides use
  • Increases turf uniformity
  • Balances soil pH

In a article published on September 12th 2017 in the Biomedical Sciences Journal by the Science Publishing Group. The Article titled Biological Effects of Magnetic Water on Human and Animals by Shaban Ali Ebrahim and Azab Elsayed Azab. The conclusion were startling,

10. Conclusion
It can be concluded that magnetic water treatment improved blood picture, biochemical parameters, semen quality, and antioxidant status in human and animals. Magnetic water very effective in breaking up kidney and gall bladder stones, and prevent further formation of stones in the kidneys and gallbladder. It alleviates arthritis pain and reducing blood pressure, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, help unclog the arteries and veins of deposits of cholesterol and salts and normalize the circulatory system, helpful in weight control. Also, it mitigate environmental impact in livestock, increase in milk yields and its component in dairy cows and ewes, mutton, and wool in sheep and improves blood picture and antioxidant status, more weight gain in geese and egg production and hatchability in turkey. So, magnetic water must be used to mitigate the harmful effects of drugs, toxins, and environmental pollutant on human and animals.

The Fractal Water Ultra Imploder was designed to be installed directly on your incoming water line for high power magnetic water throughout your home and garden.

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