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Improve Seed Germination Rate

We have scientifically identified the precise electric field ideal for growing seeds. The graph below is an example of the one of the tools we have used to measure the vitality or life force in seeds, fruit and eggs.


Above graph showing:

Vertical axis = power density
Horizontal axis = inverse frequency dominant from second order power spectra. This explains the measured life force = the strength of the weak dielectric field in making the plasma centripetal.

life-force-measurement In the photo at left, a chicken egg has been placed in specially designed capacitor with a gold coating and an egg shaped geometry. The electrical coherence of the chicken egg’s weak electric field is called its ‘harmonic inclusiveness’ or “bioactive field’ or “fractality” (measured as a millivolt differential from the top of the chicken egg to the bottom) indicates its vital life force. The gold egg capacitor increases the chicken egg’s measured bioactive field which has the effect of keeping it fresher for longer.

The principle of fractality as applied to the chicken egg can also be applied to a seed. To understand how the electric field measures and creates life in a seed, consider the fluid nature of the protoplasm of a seed. If the ‘plasma’ field around that seed is CENTRIPETAL (meaning able to suck or ‘implode’) then it can attract and suck in the liquid and nutrient from the external environment to grow. This same centripetal electric field, which is an innate characteristic of all living things, has been identified, can be generated and applied directly to a seed to facilitate seed germination. When the same field is applied in a coating form, it has been demonstrated to increase the duration of viable seed storage. Fractal Inc. is the world leader in understanding and articulating the pure principles of how to make a bioactive electric field, and invent the technology to share this life giving force with the world.

We have the most effective (implosive) way to get reduced molecular cluster size- and thereby increased ‘bio-availability’.


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