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Salt-free Water Softener for Home & Garden

Soften water without the use of chemicals and salts The Ultra Imploder prevents and reverses mineral scale buildup in plumbing. As a result you can expect an increase in water flow and pressure. You can also reduce your use of detergents and cleaning chemicals by half, extend the life of your water heater and other appliances and increase their effectiveness. The Ultra Imploder allows your to reduce water and energy consumption.

Ultra Imploder Side View

The Fractal Water Ultra Imploder requires zero maintenance. There are no filters to replace, no added chemicals or sales, and no electricity. 100% green and clean with zero by-products, powerfully effective and simple. Expected lifespan: 30+ years.

Home Benefits

  • Softens water without using salts and zero maintenance or electricity required
  • Reduces and reverses scale buildup in pipe and appliances
  • Improve evaporative coolers & swimming pool maintenance
  • Perfect for coffee machines and larger appliances
  • Requires less detergent and chemicals with softer water
  • Healthier water for drinking, cooking and bathing
  • Reduce residue in showers, toilets and sinks
  • More Vibrant house plants and cut flowers
  • Reduces chlorine and pathogens in water
  • Extends the lifespan of appliances
  • Increase water pressure
  • Softer skin and hair!
  • Zero maintenance
  • No slimy feel

Garden Benefits

  • Reduce garden water use by 20%
  • Improves soil penetration and moisture retention for healthy soils
  • Increases plant vigor and disease resistance
  • Better quality more nutrient dense home-grown produce
  • Reduces fertilizer and pesticides use
  • Increases turf uniformity
  • Balances soil pH
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