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Fractal Water creates Sustainable and Efficient Facilities 

for improving facility management with better water quality, energy efficiency, bio-security and extending equipment life.
Scale reduction, removal and prevention is a fast and reliable promise with Fractal Water. Other solutions for your pipes include solving fouling, hazardous bio-film, significant energy savings , as well as extending the life of RO Membranes, as well as seals, gaskets and O-rings in a multitude of applications.
Extend pump, pipes and equipment life, extend maintenance times and save a lot of money on labor costs and reduce downtime.
Reduce water consumption for your irrigation by 20%, and improve sanitation practices for all your water needs from drinking water to wash-down systems.
And don't forget about our 2-year money back guarantee.
Didn't realize Fractal Water could have such a profound impact on your facilities? Motivated to accelerate your LEED upgrade or certification? Let's talk.

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