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How I discovered what implosion is

In 2009 I was searching for free energy devices. Victor Shauberger and his study of nature was very fascinating to me. His main focus was on implosion and working with nature instead of against it. With reading his book I became more familiar to how nature really works. Schauberger knew how to overcome the force of gravity through implosion.

                In May of 2020 while looking for implosive devices I found the Fractal Water Ultra Imploder. With my studies of implosion and knowing the concept of implosion I had to have one. I called their phone number and the master mind who invented this machine answered my questions about implosion. For so long I had been reading about how implosion works and finally I could talk with someone who had answers! He shared with me how he discovered the radii of hydrogen. With this discovery he invented this machine that copies nature. Implosion is non-destructive compression. It has no friction loss because it moves water naturally and puts charge into the water.

                I ordered one the first day I talked with Dan. The Ultra Imploder came in a big box. It was heavy. My first impression was WOW! We got home late that night. I tried to go to bed but I couldn’t sleep! I was wide awake. For 11 years I had been waiting to have a machine that implodes water. I used a garden hose to hook it to my pressure tank. I was amazed how fresh my water tasted. I took water from our faucet and it tasted very flat. Big difference!

                For years my wife begged for me to fix our water issues. We had a name brand softner but it wasn’t fixing our water issues. Traditional water softners use salt to lower the calcium level in your water. This can be hard on your liver and cause other health issues. The hardness of my water was 18 grains and my iron was .21 PPM. I disconnected our softner and hooked up the Ultra Imploder. The difference was drastic. I also installed a AIO iron filter with katalox Light advanced filtration media. The Ultra Imploder softens water the same way nature does with rainwater falling from the sky. The iron filter with the katalox Light took my iron out and made my water crystal clear instead of orange. The iron filter also takes out the rotten egg sulfur smell through air injection (AIO).

                The benefits of having your water imploded are great. It makes your water more soluble or wetter. With your washing machine you can use less soap and still have a lot of bubbles. For years my wife had back issues and couldn’t sleep at night. The imploded water can penetrate your cells a lot easier therefore her muscles were hydrated. Her chiropractor _ massage therapist noticed her muscle were not as tight.

                My water had a bacteria level of 50. It dropped to 12 after the Ultra Imploder. My brothers water had a pH of 8 that dropped to 7.6. We had the best results with hard water. Drinking this water will detox your cells. It makes your water smoother. I no longer drink Gatorade on hot days because the Ultra Imploder makes your water more hydrating. People have more energy when drinking this water. Drinking imploded water clears your brain.

                My sons and I took a trip and visited the warehouse where they assemble the Ultra Imploder. We met the engineer, Jason. We had an enjoyable time getting to know him.

                The Ultra Imploder is made in the USA out of 316 Stainless Steel. It is very durable and will not burst or break. Inside this unit they have a spiral shaped nozzle that creates a perfect implosive vortex. This motion dopes water with piezo electric. This causes water to implode which is the opposite of explode. The Ultra Imploder also has rare earth magnets that are very strong. So this nozzle that uses golden ratio symmetry properly sorts your water molecules and declusters your water plus magnetizes it with 4400 gauss magnets. It will clean your water pipes.

                These units are very easy to install. They have 1” IPS threaded pipe. They are large enough to supply your whole house. They will imploder water up to a 1” water supply. Sharkbite fittings work great for doit yourself applications.

                Our family enjoys the many benefits of drinking imploded water. It is the solution to softening your water with no softner salt or chemicals. Thank you to Dan + Jason for creating such a wonderful product.


Joel Yoder

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