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Fractal Water gives back! Donation to the Temple Beth David in Chesire, CT garden

Fractal Water donated an Imploder Magnetizer to the Temple Beth David garden in Chesire, CT. The garden, which sits in front of the Temple donates the produce grown to the local food pantry. While most donations are in the form of canned good, The Temple donates fresh grown vegetables!

Mitzvah Garden Improvement


26 July 2012

Hi Everyone,

The Mitzvah Garden now has a new improvement. A state of the art magnetic water imploder, which has been installed on the irrigation system. This cutting edge product creates a magnetically charged vortex or centripetal force(the opposite effect of centrifical force). This allows for greater amounts of micro nutrients to be absorbed by the plants, leading to healthier plants and increased fruit production. Water consumption should be reduced, since water migration patterns are enhanced.

Jason Matozzo, the owner of Fractal Water, has generously donated the imploder to the Temple. This advanced technology is currently being used in Israel today and other arid climates around the world. You can learn more about the pump and Fractal Water at their website.

My best,



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