Fractal Water is Advanced Water Technology


Here at Fractal Water we want to tell about our amazing, Super Imploder that helps homeowners save money on and improve the quality of water in the home garden. We are here to help you take advantage of this technology that is designed to condition your water. Are you familiar with structured or magnetic water? You may have heard about salt-less water systems for the home and water systems designed structure or vortex water.

Here is a quick overview of these 2 technologies.

Vortex Water – Water that is “spun” in a spiral to simulate flowing water so that molecules are moving faster as opposed to water that is stagnent and molecules are not moving as fast.

Magnetic Water – Water that is passed through a magnetic field to influence the water molecules spatial orientation.

What the Super Imploder does is 1,Vortex water so that very large clusters of water molecules are broken down to smaller cluster groups, this allows for the natural minerals in water such as calcium and magnesium to more easily bond with water. Secondly the vortexed water is then passed through an array of 8 power magnets to further de-cluster the water molecules and properly arrange and sort them. Molecules that cannot easily bond to the shape of water molecules such as Chlorine are pushed out, and are reduced by over 50%.

Your water is now more bio-available to plants. You can use less water to water your lawn and garden because more water can be absorbed because of the de-clustering of water molecules. A 30% reduction in water used to typical.

How the Fractal Water Super Imploder works

a diagram showing how the Fractal Water Super Imploder Works