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Propur ProMax Technology is the most advanced water filtration system on the market today and can remove contaminants from all the water you use throughout your home. Whether you need an under-counter water filter, a countertop filter, an inline shower filter, or a refrigerator and ice maker water filter, you can experience the benefits of ProMax Technology and access clean water free of pollutants and chemicals. Keep harmful toxins out of your body and off your skin.

Propur ProMax shower and water filter systems comprise of four unique proprietary layers, each designed to filter specific types of contaminants from your water. These four filtration layers work together to reduce contaminants to the maximum possible degree, including pesticides, fluoride, heavy metals, and more. Drink and bathe with only the purest and most natural, pollutant-free water with Propur ProMax shower and water filter systems.

Replacement filters for all systems are available so you can maintain the cleanliness of your water and the effectiveness of your system.

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