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Membrane-free Water Reuse with Fractal Water

Scale and corrosion control, Reduce fouling and biological growth, Improve flow, Reduce friction and save energy.
Fractal Water understands that efficient and effective primary wastewater treatment is crucial to your plant operations. Maximizing chemicals, equipment and energy while improving water quality will dramatically reduce your overall costs, while minimizing your carbon footprint. Fractal Water provides simple and sustainable solutions to help meet your rigorous water quality requirements.

Wastewater Treatment & Desalination Systems
Fractal Water systems reduce and eliminate airborne odor, fouling and gases while influencing the biological properties through the improvement of bacterial activity. Salts are also broken down to smaller particles and held in solution. Both of these enhancements increase efficiency of the water and wastewater treatment performance.

Fractal Water's Oil Water Separator
Fractal Water's systems improve the physical performance of solid-liquid separation through aggregation of colloidal particles and efficiently aid in the removal of gasoline, diesel fuel, crude, vegetable and almost any type of oil, resulting in cleaner, wetter and more productive water.
• Extends life of filters/membranes/pumps and equipment
• Improves solubility and dissolvability
• Reduces evapotranspiration & runoff
• Reduces energy requirements
• Reduces density and weight
• Reduces need for chemicals
• Improves water quality
• Reduces corrosion
• Improves flow

Improve Water Flow and Energy Efficiency
Fractal Water solves mineral scale buildup, saving energy by two methods… 1) Increased diameter of the pipe interior, 2) Friction loss.
Mineral Scale & Pipe Interior Diameter Effecting Energy Consumption
Federal Technologies Alert put out by the US Dept of Energy notes this about the decreased efficiency of scale…
1/32” scale = 8.5% increased energy consumption
1/16” scale = 12.4% increased energy consumption
1/8” scale = 25% increased energy consumption
1/4” scale = 40% increased energy consumption
Fractal Water reverses and prevents mineral scale with zero chemicals. Zero maintenance. Zero energy.
Friction Loss
Friction loss effects how the water moves easier and thus saves energy. Water density is lighter, and it also is polarized, held in suspension and unable to coagulate. These smaller water molecule clusters lack the hard surface tension that untreated water contains. Reduced surface tension is a softer water, a softer water moves more easily. Magnation guarantees a minimum of 10% energy savings, and have high profile customers data showing +40% less energy used.

Water Quality
Better electrons, better water. In addition to a more vibrant water, it's also a lighter water. Water changes its physical, chemical and biological properties via Fractal Water physical treatment. This can be clearly illustrated when comparing lab results of before and after Fractal Water installation (see Isotopic Chart below). Also, water becomes visually transparent and its flora increases. These changes are due to a large decrease of pathogenic bacteria in the water and coagulation of weighed particles and other various chemical compounds.
These are some of the changes seen in the decrease of:
1. Weighed particles, to up to 6,3 mg/l
2. Magnesium – 2,6 mg/l
3. Chlorides – 9,3 mg/l
4. Sulphates – 9,4 mg/l
5. Hydro carbonates – 103, 5 mg/l
6. Calcium – 3,4 mg/l
7. Ammonia ions (according to nitrogen) – 0,007 mg/l
8. Nitrates (according to nitrogen) – 0,25 mg/l
9. Phosphorus – 0,019 mg/l
10. Oil products – 0,8 mg/l
11. Sodium + potassium – 7,4 mg/l
12. Oxygen content increased by 12 mg/l

Fractal Water became transparent. The levels of bacteria decreased. For example, control water samples contained bacteria levels of 236 660, but after Fractal Water treatment, it decreased to 730.

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