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Fractal Water for Sustainable Irrigation

Decrease water consumption by 20-30%, energy consumption by 10%, chemical inputs and soil conditioners from 10-100%

Solve mineral scale buildup, reduce total dissolved solids (TDS), surface tension, water density, soil salinity, and time spent on maintenance with Fractal Water softening technology.

Increase soil permeability, water infiltration and moisture retention, oxygen concentration, nutrient uptake, plant & turf quality, flow with less pressure, and time spent on other tasks with a simple one-time installation of Fractal Water physical water treatment system into your irrigation line.

Improve water quality, soil health (“mellower soils”), balanced soil pH, plant vigor, solubility and dissolvability, mixing of fertilizers and chemicals, drift control, pressure and suction, irrigation equipment life, and bottom line with Fractal Water suite of products.

Sustainability is so much easier than you thought with chemical-free, energy-free and maintenance-free physical water softening by Fractal Water

Call us at 888 897 6968, and ask about our 2-year money back guarantee.

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